What can gasifiers be used for

Gasifiers can be used in a wide assortment of applications from powering engines to cooking, heating water and more woodgas is a clean renewable product of waste biomass.

Are gasifiers difficult to construct

That depends on your skills and tools available to you, if you have basic mechanical skills constructing a gasifier is well within your reach. Obviously the more background you have in metalworking the easier it will be.

How much will constructing a gasifier cost

That is relative to the amount of salvaged or recycled material you use, the materials used will effect cost. Another cost effecting point is your skillset for instance if you are unable to weld and have to pay someone to assemble your gasifier cost will go up. the fema 1.6 shown on this site was built for around $200. I have seen functional units built for as low as $30 and as high as $500.

Are homemade gasifiers dangerous

Because a large amount of heat is produced while operating a gasifier common sense can go a long way, gasifiers produce carbonmonoxide and other highly flamable gas so caution must always be exercised. Gasifiers should for no reason ever be operated indoors or poorly ventilated areas. Buildagasifier.com cannot guarantee the quality of individuals woodgas generator builds and all responsibility lies with the individual builder, buildagasifier.com  is not liable for any damages resulting from your homemade biomass generator.

What is biomass/what sorts of fuels can be used

Biomass is any dry organic material that can burn. some examples are…

  1. wood pellets
  2. Wood chips
  3. sawdust
  4. bark
  5. sticks
  6. twigs
  7. small wood blocks
  8. yes even cow pies

etc. etc. etc. the list goes on and on