Emergency Power

A gasifier has many uses. This woodgas generator was built primarily for power outages. A charging station was also built to keep a battery bank topped off to provide emergency power for my home. The picture on the right is the charge station. It was made using a 3.5 hp engine (powered by a gasifier) that is driving a one wire 95 amp alternator via a 1:1 belt drive. This is basically a woodgas powered battery charger. My goal for this project was to be able to charge a battery bank fully with a total run time of Four hours or less.


This gasifier was tested by modifying a propane grill side burner. For this test the pot stand and burner were attached to each other by three 1/4″ x 4″ pieces of round stock. The factory air flow valve on the burner was removed and an adapter was fitted to the end of the burner to slip tightly over the flare pipe. The flame height was controlled by adjusting the fan ball valve. A suprising discovery from this setup showed that there is a point at which the woodgas would flow through the burner fast enough to blow itself out, this was easily corrected by reducing the flow and relighting the portion of the burner that had blown out, this burner was a proof of concept experiment and worked very well producing a nice blue flame and large amounts of heat.


Gasifiers if nothing else are an entertaining and rewarding project to share with friends or family, gasifier generators are a definate conversation piece and also a functional demonstration tool, homemade gasifiers preserve history and there is nothing quite like your first flare or firing an engine on woodgas for the first time. If your looking for a special project that guaranteed very few others even know exist let alone have constructed, A homemade biomass generator could be for you.

Other notable uses

  • Heating water
  • Lighting
  • Producing fuel for storage
  • Fuel production
  • Biochar production

And many more.