Homemade gasifiers

Here you will find homemade gasifiers of all sorts and sizes built by talented do it yourselfers. Everyone is welcome here, fema, imbert and others, check out the fabrication skills of these guys, read brief descriptions  of thier setups and if provided check out thier links for additional information.


  Here is a pic of my homemade gasifier .It’s made from a 30 gal hotwater heater all parts are scrap* except for the new gate valve and the ball valve and the 2” exhaust pipe*. It is unfinished as you can see! It’s close to being done.. 

I lack the sawdust filter( which I’m working on at the moment  which is made out of 2 gal metal buckets welded together to make it 8” in dia and 48” tall to match the gasifier) and the 12 volt fan. I’m pretty sure I will have less than a 100 bucks in it when I’m done! :) As you can see I’ve used some of your ideas…. and added a few of my own  which are unproven,untested as of this time the gasifier has never been fired Tom                                           



Since Josh did such a great job at explaining how to make his gasifier, I had to make one myself and pattern it after the one that Josh did with a couple twists of my own. I used a 16 gallon barrel for the main barrel; a 5 gal portable air compressor bottle for the cyclone filter, a 10 gal army surplus can for the sawdust filter and a plastic bilge pump for the fan. I fired it up for the first time on 03/10/13 and I’m happy with the first start up but need a little tweaking before I would hook it to my generator. John


Hi Josh, I built a FEMA type gasifier that runs my 4kw Generator.  I used the FEMA plans, with some ideas and methods shown by fellow gasifier builders.Build time was about 3 months.  I’m very happy with how it turned out, and only have a few minor details I need to fix/upgrade on the unit to make it how I want it.



This is my version of a “FEMA” gasifier based loosely on the fema plans available on this site, this gasifier cost around $200 to build your gasifier hereand was assembled mostly from salvaged parts. I power a small generator and a battery charger with this unit, it doesn’t “slice” or “dice” however it does make a mean grilled cheese sandwich. I wanted to make as compact a unit as i could while still being able to produce enough usable gas to power mid sized engines ( up to 15hp ) Keep submitting your gasifier photos and info and I’ll keep posting them right here for all to see,………… JOSH



 This was a double build. Me and my buddyGasifier double Joe from work. Josh this is basically what you showed us in the YouTube videos. the only change we made was a tapered cyclone filter. and a boat blower for our fan. this build would have not been possible without Joe. there’s an old saying when the student is ready the Master will appear. I have been working with him for 8 years. And I don’t know where I would be in my job if it wasn’t for Joe. thanks again Josh for the great YouTube videos.gasifier double 2


  This gasifier was built by gary using a fourty gallon water heater for the main body, a 120mm ammo can for the filter housing with a brilliant method of easy removal for filter changes , gary gas 2a 130 cfm DC bilge fan, scrap well casing for the burn tube with numerous personal upgrades to the design, gary did a fantastic job on his build and check out that beautiful blue flare! Gary gas


I don’t have much info on this gasifier but it was modeled after the fema gasifier with some 1.6 upgrades, i have included a gasifier youtubelink to his youtube video of this unit in action powering a gas engine, this is another example of a job well done. Thank you for allowing me to share this with others.




This fema style gasifier was built by bill, it utilizes an automotive brake drum for a shaker grate and a radiator style oil heater repurposed as a cooler for the gas. Bill added several innovative tweaks bill gas1on the design to suit his needs such as a shaker handle on the top of main body, Look at that beautiful blue gas! What a great build Check out the blue link to see bill’s videos on this gasifier in action


gas shakergas flare