Start up


Because the fema wood gasifier makes woodgas through the process of pyrolosis it must be ignited. the gasifier is lit by first turning on the fan and creating a vacuum or downdraft through the system, the fan is left on through the entire start up procedure, before igniting the gasifier the fan must be allowed to run for a minimum of five minutes with the ignition port and flare ball valve open to evacuate all traces of flamable gasses left over in the system from previous runs. After the biomass gasifier has exhausted residual flamable gasses it can be ignited by inserting a piece of twisted paper into the ignition port and lighting the paper. The suction from the running fan will pull the flames from your lit paper directly into your fuel firing the gasifier instantly. At this point the fema gasifier is in the warm up stage, let the gasifier continue to warm up for aproximately seven to eight minutes with the ignition port open. After the warm up is complete reinstall the ignition port cap and tighten, the diy gasifier is now begining to produce woodgas, it must be allowed another seven to eight minutes to produce a usable volume of gas, you”ll notice the “smoke” coming from your flare pipe will turn from a bluish brown color to a fog like white, after a total of ten to fifteen minutes you should be able to light the syngas exiting your flare pipe, if the gas lights and stays lit your ready to use your gas. See the below videos for more info.

This video shows the start up procedure of the fema 1.6 gasifier

A demonstration of a gasifier powered generator is featured in this video