This video contains details about the construction of the cyclone filter assembly

In this video plumbing from component to component is dicussed with thoughts on material and other useful information

The sawdust filter is discussed in this video including materials used and general design

Blower talk, general information about the blower ( suction fan )

Carburation info detailing the connection from gasifier to internal combustion engine including valves and fittings as well as a fuctionality descriptions

Modifications to a gas engine to run woodgas

Temperature reading from various components of the gasifier during operation at full temp

This video highlights a woodgas flare from the gasifier immediately after shutting down my generator

A fun little video showing wood gas being used as a propellant in a potato gun

This video shows a propane burner modified to run on a gasifier ( woodgas )

This video shows an experiment detailing the volitility of wood gas